a little bit about me :)

Having grown up battling poor mental health, Ella finds it vital to find serenity within daily life. She began using documentary diary-style photography, as a way to escape the noise of the city and build her very own eden. As Ella began frequently commuting in and out of London, She noticed the amount of people rushing from point A to point B, with no real time to appreciate the beauty surrounding them. Bearing this in mind, Ella realised that her photos could encourage people to be more mindful of their surroundings. Furthermore, through her unique perspectives, a viewer could ponder on stressful situations which arise in their own lives and perhaps look at them, from a different angle.


Ella prioritises on minimising post production, to remind the viewer that the matter which she documents, doesn’t exist in some alternate universe far removed from them. She believes that we can be anywhere in the world and still have equal opportunity to be mindful of the beauty which surrounds us.


Ella’s portfolio showcases prints from collections such as: Sweet Dreams, Ambiguous Textures, Where am I? as well as a variety of untitled work.  Her projects always hone in on the stillness which can be found in bustling cities and allow the viewer to observe escapism photography through subtle, everyday scenery and subject matter.


Her work has been included in various exhibitions at: 


 UAL Degree Show At Wimbledon College of Art - London, United Kingdom 

Circular ArtSpace - Bristol, United Kingdom

The Holy Art Gallery- London, United Kingdom and Athens, Greece 

Zabludowicz collection - London, United Kingdom 



it’s me :)